Balancing Work and Life for a Healthier You

What is Work-Life Balance? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the "stuff" you have to get done? A project due for work, emails waiting to be sent, a paper due, friends to visit, children [...]

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A Bright Future: Ryan Farmer of Mercer Zimmerman

  As a sales representative at Mercer Zimmerman, a lighting manufacturer rep in Overland Park, KS., Ryan uses his degree in interior design to partner with clients and help meet their lighting needs both functionally and aesthetically. Here, he discusses [...]

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Dealing With The Unexpected

Sometimes life will throw you a curve ball, whether you're at home, at work, or in school. Myself, I've had to deal with a sudden and unexpected employment change due to a company downsizing. These [...]

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4 Finance Apps You Should Be Using

My father preached that if you wanted something, research needed to be done and funds needed to be lined up—when I say research, I mean that full-on spreadsheet analyses were included in the process.  I [...]

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