I am the President of Park University, which allows me to play a number of roles at Park ranging from our public face to the person students will often get to meet in the cafeteria or at an extended site.  Without question, I enjoy getting to meet our students and watch as they take full advantage of the transformative experience of higher education.  I get to see people arrive as students still finding their way to graduates outfitted with the talents and abilities to make a difference in the world.  My advice to students is make the most of your time at Park – meet new people, try new things, get messy and make mistakes, but most importantly be engaged and involved.  Even commuter or online students.  I commuted to college but was involved in a host of activities from debate to student government.  I would not be President at Park today without those experiences.

Your career success after college will depend on one thing you can do now, and one thing you will do after graduation.  Today you need to work to define what you believe in and what you do not.  Integrity, which is a key to your success, results when what you think, say, and do operate in alignment with those very beliefs.  After college, and at your first job, you should be there when your boss arrives at work and when they leave at night.  While there offer solutions or suggestions when you raise a concern or question.  With both these approaches powering your success you cannot help but to be a great success.