Sometimes life will throw you a curve ball, whether you’re at home, at work, or in school. Myself, I’ve had to deal with a sudden and unexpected employment change due to a company downsizing. These circumstances can either make or break a person. I’ve discovered ultimately, it is up to you to decide how you are going to handle the curves that come your way.

The pressure of dealing with unfamiliarity is intimidating and frightening. However, you find ways to overcome it. Often, this does not come naturally. You have to learn from it in the beginning and hopefully walk away a stronger and wiser individual at the end.

Here’s what worked for me:


Allow yourself ample time to pause and find composure. Don’t act on impulse. Let me stress this last point again because you do not want to say or do anything you’ll regret. Take several deep breaths and evaluate the situation. When that’s done? Re-evaluate it some more until you feel calm and collected.


Avoid feeling self-doubt. Not only does this send someone in a downward spiral but it prevents you from being productive. Remind yourself of your self-worth and of all the accomplishments you have reached up to this point. You are brave enough to overcome life’s big obstacles.


You do not have to necessarily rely on others’ for comfort, but don’t be afraid to ask for advice and for help. Your friends, family, and colleagues can make it easier for you to overcome hurdles and maybe find solutions to problems you hadn’t even considered. Realize that you are not alone.


Be proactive in searching for answers to your toughest questions. Start to find solutions to your problems. Find new ways to reach your goals no matter what. If those goals no longer make sense, pick new ones. Do what is necessary to accomplish the tasks at hand.


Ask yourself what the challenges are and remind yourself why you are facing these challenges head-on. Do not let the circumstances hinder your chances of meeting your goals. Challenges are temporary. Accomplishments are forever.

You can’t always prepare yourself for life’s unexpected moments, but you can approach them gracefully and turn them into something you will be proud of.