Recently I had the chance to watch a TEDx event that discussed that exact phrase and how it can change one’s perception on pursuing a career. Each student and alumni’s job search is different and my advice for their approach will vary depending on their situation, experience, and goals. While the idea of finding and landing a position can seem overwhelming, my one piece of advice that would be relevant across the board is that you should start today. Humanity as a group puts off pieces of their lives that seem difficult, time-consuming, or just plain frightening—the idea of beginning the process or doing something can be small and expand as the journey continues.

While it’s not the only reason Nike has continued to be a popular brand you see everywhere, they have a slogan that encourages their consumers to do what it takes to be successful—and people like that. Just Do It. Do something and start today, it can be something as small as creating a resume or attending a site visit and lead to bigger and better such as landing a dream job.


An internship is one hands-on way to gain more understanding of an industry and to feel out whether or not you may be a good fit in that organization. Some students have full-time jobs, families, need some sleep, and have additional outside responsibilities that consume most of the 24 hours each individual is given in a day. If you are constantly searching for time to connect with hiring managers or others within an organization, consider an informational interview where you can take minimal time out of your busy schedule and theirs.

An informational interview is NOT an opportunity to ask for a job—it is a chance to learn more about an organization and a low-key way to network with individuals in your field.



Whether you are relatively new to classes, simply exploring different organizations, or actively pursuing a career, there are many employer events out there that you can be taking part in both housed within Park University and from outside entities.

Wherever you are located, traditionally there will be organizations that plan open houses to provide information and insight into the company. These will allow you time to hear what they look for in candidates and what you can do currently to work towards obtaining a job within their business. Career fairs and expos allow individuals to meet with multiple companies that are hiring in a short amount of time. Connecting with recruiters one-on-one will do wonders for your job or internship search. There are employer events happening all around you, make sure you are capitalizing on them.


There are numerous reasons you should connect with alumni when it comes to your career—alumni want to hire alumni; if they are not the ones hiring they still can provide a stellar referral and professional mentorship for your goals. So how can you reach out to Park alumni?

There are countless ways that you can connect. In the next week, there will be alumni storming the Parkville campus traveling from locations all over the world to catch-up with past Park University students at the Homecoming Weekend 2016. If you can’t make it to Missouri, there are over 42,000 alumni on our LinkedIn page that you can connect with virtually or setup a time to meet local alumni in your area face-to-face. Another quick, easy way to link with past Park graduates is to attend future online Career Connect events with alumni joining from all over the world. These are just a few ways that you can put yourself in the position to connect with alumni, go ahead and get out there!



This might not seem as it fits in the category of doing something, but it does and should be a piece that you continue to work on as a professional. If you are interested in moving up in the organization you currently work or volunteer with, you will want a history of great work and the ability to excel in your role or organization projects. For outside companies, you will want these same people to vouch for you or think of you when they hear of openings.

No one will ever think or consider, “let’s promote James, he has provided really great mediocre work”. Set yourself apart from others by being the best at what you are currently doing—simply enough, right?