This post contains spoilers, you’ve been warned…

It’s no secret that the Netflix’s revival of Gilmore Girls has triggered lots of discussion over Rory’s life choices. Unfortunately, the ambitious, stellar student we were introduced to in the beginning has turned into a poster child for What Not To Do.

While I won’t discuss her morally and financially questionable decisions, I wanted to address her post-collegiate mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1. She’s got an inflated sense of self

The last season of Gilmore Girls addressed this flaw head-on when Rory’s boyfriend chastised her for not realizing how privileged her life is. Even if your family doesn’t come from money and you’re not getting an ivy league degree, there’s an upward trend of student’s believing they’re owed more than what they’ve earned. We see this illustrated time and time again with Rory turning down opportunities she deemed beneath her, despite the fact she had no other steady employment. She always seemed to believe something better was on the horizon, but it’s very important to remember that you’re not in the position to make decisions unless multiple offers have been made. Beggars can’t be choosers.

2. She has no follow-through

In the revival, Condé Nast was Rory’s dream employer and she was lucky enough to have a meeting tentatively in the works. However, after receiving several reschedule requests, it seemed as if she was just going to accept the circumstances and do nothing more to pursue the opportunity. Even after she agreed to let Logan’s dad put in a good word for her, she never followed up to ensure it went through. While no one appreciates being strung along, it’s important to understand that major companies have the upper hand, so you have to work harder to stay noticed. The tenacity Rory showed in earlier seasons appears to have diminished therefore ensuring she will be forgotten.

3. She’s not flexible.

One of the few jobs Rory actually manages is being a ghost writer for an eccentric actress’s memoir. The actress was all over the place with her ideas, Rory becomes frustrated, the two eventually come to blows and the deal falls through. This is a hard lesson for artists to learn, understanding when to sacrifice your creative vision to cater to your clients’ wants. But that’s just what she was, her client. She was the one footing the bill, she’s the one with the story to tell, and Rory should’ve been the one to translate her ideas into something more productive, which was what she was asked to do in the first place.

4. She’s unprofessional

It seems like things are working in her favor when Rory has a meeting with GQ and is given an opportunity to write for them…but things quickly go south. I get it, an article about lines and the people in them seems boring, but this was the girl who turned an assignment about repaving the parking lot into a work of art. If she could do that at 17, why can’t she do that at 32? Instead, she falls asleep during an interview and sleeps with one of her sources, breaking some key journalist (and ethical) codes.

Yet another instance is when she volunteers to be editor of the Stars Hollow Gazette and takes up day drinking to handle her frustrations. Don’t forget she also ups and leaves town with no notice. Now we’re lead to believe that this small town’s paper is merely just an activity to keep her busy between jobs – instead of a something “real” – but she completely lost sight of the potential being editor could have had for her career.

5. She’s unprepared

One of the most cringe-worthy moments of the revival was when she finally agreed to meet with a website that she previously decided wasn’t worth her time (see number 1) and was surprised to find out she had to interview for the position instead of it being handed to her. The take-away? An employer expressing interest in you doesn’t guarantee you a position. When asked what story ideas she had for the site, Rory was taken aback by the question and couldn’t think of an answer. This was someone who proclaims to be a professional writer, and she couldn’t think of a single thing to write about or provide any justification on how she could contribute to the company. This behavior is bad enough on a regular day, but in an interview? It would eliminate any potential you had of being hired.

If you are unemployed and meeting with a company, treat every interaction as if you are being interviewed. Keep copies of your resume on hand as well as (for certain jobs) a portfolio of your work, you never know if you will be asked to provide it.

6. She burns bridges

Naturally, the website job fell through. However, instead of gracefully thanking them for their time and apologizing for her unpreparedness, she gets into a screaming match and says “I didn’t want to work for you anyway.”

That happened.

Getting rejected hurts, there’s no denying that – especially if it’s unexpected. But there is a correct way to receive bad news and that was not it. Remain polite, thank them for the opportunity, and express interest in the company for any future positions. You’ll leave them with a positive impression and you might actually have a chance for something down the road.

So thank you Netflix, for not only allowing us to revisit Stars Hollow and our favorite characters, but providing us with some important life lessons. And here’s to Rory, given the recent developments in her life, hopefully it’ll lead to some maturity and a reality check.