Congratulations Pirates, you’ve survived the fall semester. I hope you enjoy the holiday season, visit with friends and loved ones, and truly take this time to relax before you rev up again for spring. Also, here are a few links from around the web you might enjoy…

With the four week break, you might have time to read something other than a text book.

A high school teacher turned her business idea into a multi-million dollar success.

We were laughing so hard we cried from this student’s horror story.

5 ways you’re sabotaging your job search. We see #4 all the time…

This add-on searches for coupon codes for you when you’re online shopping! We tested it out and love it.

11 post grads share their monthly student loan payments.

This city was named The Best Cultural Destination in the World.

“We think that it’s really important that people working for us get a chance to experience their home, especially when you’re welcoming a new family member.”

Have a happy December everyone!