We’re four months into the year, how are your New Year’s resolutions going? My goal was to pay off three sources of debt before 2018, and we’re well on our way – but more on that later. Since we’re discussing taxes this month, we thought we’d feature our favorite websites that focus on finances:

The Origami Life – This is written by a husband and wife team who have big goals – traveling abroad for an entire year while paying out of pocket. Their monthly budget breakdowns are not only visually pleasing but seem to convey massive amounts of finances in an easy-to-understand way.

Dave Ramsey – His name has become synonymous with “debt free” and there’s good reason, his methods work. He calls the payment plan the Debt Snowball and instructs his audience to pay off items from smallest to largest, rolling payments into the next. It’s simple, yet effective.

Half Banked – Money advice specifically geared towards millenials. The author writes about how she’s been able to save half of her income – hence the blog’s title. Her primary focus is on maintaining a budget, and she even provides one for you via excel, formulas already included.

Grow – We’ve mentioned the app Acorns before, and this is their financial website. What we like about them, in addition to their how-to articles, is their news section which keeps readers informed on daily topics that aren’t always exciting, but no less important – like how the economy is really doing and what happened with the health care bill. 

The Financial Diet – A common source for a lot of our article ideas, this blog was founded by two women who’ve learned to understand finances after a series of trials and errors. They collaborate with other financial authors and publish advice ranging from college loans, salary negotiation, investing, and much more. Keeping it in your daily feed will simply help you be more mindful of your own spendings.