Now that you are graduating you are at the beginning of a brand new journey. What does it mean to be a graduate of Park University? How does it feel to finally earn the degree you have worked so hard for? This is a milestone worth celebrating. In time you learn that completing one milestone might mean pursuing another. Taking a leap of faith into the unknown can sometimes be scary. However, knowing that you have a goal in mind helps make the stressful times worthy. So if you don’t have a full-time position lined up, what have other graduates done the moment after they walk across that stage?

Gap Years

For starters, some graduates decide to take time off to focus on other commitments or simply relax. If you are wanting to take a break from the busy hustle and bustle of adulthood, this is a way to do just that. Whatever you decide to do during this time off will influence the upcoming year ahead. While it may seem easy to catch a break from other priorities, keep in mind that you will need to have a game-plan and to make a commitment eventually. Avoid the feeling of regret that your peers are off following their preferred path after graduation and make it a meaningful adventure. “Gappers,” if achieved correctly, will return with a refreshed and more focused mindset to begin exploring post-graduate opportunities.


Sometimes it’s difficult to land a first-time job. This is why gaining internship experience plays a vital role in employment. For students who did not collect enough work-related experience, this is for you. A statistic from Business Insider states that “63.1 percent of students who graduated with paid internships under their belts received at least one job offer.” Those following suit are collecting professional experience that can easily counter the competition and their educational experiences.

Part-Time / Temporary Jobs

When finances are tight and you still have to earn a living, this path is for you. A great reason to continue with your current part-time or temporary gig is simple – someone in your company might be looking to fill other positions you have desired and being on their radar might put you in the running. You know what your responsibilities are and are already established with experience to show. If you accomplish enough while there, you are sure to grab attention from someone in a more distinct role to move you up the ladder. Spend time getting to know your colleagues and impress managers. Form those valuable relationships to help benefit your short and long-term goals.

Job Hunt

As we’ve covered in February’s article, job searching can be brutal. However, you can’t avoid it and you want to use this time after graduation wisely. If an opportunity presents itself in the form of a job offer and you feel that it is fitting for your career goals then we truly hope you accept it. You earned this and it is now time to show the real world all that you’ve learned. Even if it is an entry-level job, it’ll help you get in at the ground level of any business or industry.

Post-Graduate Education

The skills you attain by studying a postgraduate degree can truly strengthen your resume and help you have a more competitive advantage. What you studied during your bachelor’s degree does not compare to a higher level of study. On the plus side, this will help you develop the necessary skill for your field of work. People pursue this route as a way to attract a higher salary increase and secure a great job. At the end, you will have earned both the academic and professional knowledge needed to succeed in any position.

No matter what you decide to do after graduation, know that the Career Development Center is here to help answer questions. After all, you’ll always be a part of the Park University community. Congratulations on graduating, you made it! Now welcome to the real world!