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Loving The Details

In the Career Development Center, we can help groom your resume, sharpen your cover letter, inform you of trends in hiring, connect you to people and organizations that matter in your field, and can even set you up with a suit and tie for the gig. What we can’t do is make you LOVE THE [...]

By | July 5th, 2018|Uncategorized|

How a Personality Test Helped Me Find Meaning in My Work

We've all been there. In school, or at a new job, taking those personality/career tests that bleakly lay out our destinies in overtly traditional careers. Mindlessly clicking only to discover our inevitable fate is showing up each day for a career that's far too dull, or so stressful we’re chewing our nails down to flaky stubs. [...]

By | February 15th, 2018|Career, Work + Life|

Reflection Over Resolution

It's mid-January. If you are anything like me, you gave up on New Year's resolutions a few years ago. I prefer to hit the gym about two days before swimsuit season when it seems absolutely necessary. I'm also highly aware that on the first day of the year I have no idea what challenges are [...]

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