September Link Roundup

Happy fall semester Pirates! We at the Passage took a brief break over the summer to rest, recharge, and gather as many resources as possible to bring your way this year. Now we're back and eager to share. Have you guys been thinking about what kind of internships you'll want to do this year? Summer [...]

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Working on Your Work Ethic

This past year I have sat on advisory boards with company recruiters, took part in hiring webinars, and just recently had the chance to join a workshop discussing the gap between company needs and the workforce - mostly focusing on new graduates. While each company or field will be looking for different expertise, I found [...]

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May Link Roundup

Breathe in. Breathe out. We know finals week is coming up, and the week before is no better - last assignments due, cramming in all the information you learned over the term, calculating what grade you need to get on your final to still pull off an A. But stop and think, whether you're a [...]

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April Link Roundup | $$$ Edition

We're four months into the year, how are your New Year's resolutions going? My goal was to pay off three sources of debt before 2018, and we're well on our way - but more on that later. Since we're discussing taxes this month, we thought we'd feature our favorite websites that focus on finances: The [...]

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Contributing to a Company’s Culture

Companies are pouring money, additional resources, and their time to create a culture within their organization that is sought after by outside applicants and appreciated by those internal - with good reason. These same organizations are realizing that the need to evolve with its new workforce is a must. There is a strong correlation between [...]

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Resumes & Real Estate

Resumes and real estate, two seemingly unrelated things. Allow me to highlight their similarities to help you better understand some key elements of what makes a resume great, and what qualifies it as a fixer upper: 1st Curb Appeal If you want someone to take a closer look at what you have to offer, you [...]

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March Link Roundup

Happy Spring Pirates! Our offices are working hard to bring you, not only our annual Spring Career Fair at the end of the month, but our first-ever virtual career fair that will be geared towards our veteran students. Once this month is gone, the semester will pass by in a flash and we'll all be [...]

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Job Searching: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By now, you may have an idea of how strenuous job searching can be. You'll spend hours and hours online looking and applying while occasionally feeling defeated. And once you do find that perfect position, you fit the majority of the qualifications, submit all application materials, etc. the waiting period begins and your patience ends. [...]

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January Link Roundup

Happy Spring Semester Pirates! January generates feelings of new beginnings. Starting fresh. Let's all agree to make 2017 an improvement on the last and commit to better ourselves and our communities. In the meantime, check out some great finds from around the web: How to stay politically engaged on a budget. Some of our favorite MLK [...]

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Maximize That Winter Break of Yours

Finals week is winding down and Winter Break is within reach -cheers! It's about that time of year in Missouri where you need five layers to leave the house and hot coffee is a must in the morning (if it's not already a year-round necessity). Kudos to those reading from Arizona and California, I hope [...]

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